“Venom” Marketing: He’s The Best Boyfriend

Venom Marketing Hes The Best Boyfriend

How do you sell a PG-13 movie about a parasitic creature that attaches to a man and turns into a monster that eats people whilst still staying charismatic? It’s a tough job the Sony Pictures marketing department was handed. Though there’s been some missteps (that first trailer) along the way, the result appears to have worked as the film is on track for a massive box-office opening next week.

That said, some new and curious approaches to the film’s marketing have popped up in some global markets. There was that weird ESPN ad for the US earlier this week, now AV Club reports that the film’s official Chinese Weibo account has tweeted art of Venom becoming a model boyfriend complete with taking selfies of his significant other’s ‘squad’ of friends, carrying his girlfriend’s shopping bags, and protecting her from harassment on the subway.

That isn’t the only one as The Playlist reports Sony India has done a video ad with a text message conversation between a mother and child in which the child says they plan to “feast on some bad guys on my way home”. While the official social media accounts of the film have tweeted this stuff, how truly official they are is unclear.

What is official are several new clips that were just released – one with Eddie’s romantic side trying to woo his love interest, the others showing the badass Venom persona. Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate, Scott Haze, Reid Scott and Woody Harrelson co-star in the film which opens worldwide next Friday.