Venom, Hobgoblin In “Amazing Spider-Man 2”?

A new viral site tied to “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” has leaked hints about the appearance of famed villains Venom and Hobgoblin in the new Spider-Man continuity.

The site is called The Daily Bugle Tumblr and boasts an article by comic character Ned Leeds. The same article mentions fellow comic characters Donald Menken and attorney Anne Weying.

In the comics, both Leeds and Menken tie into the first Hobgoblin storyline. Weying on the other hand is the ex-wife of Eddie Brock, the character who would become Venom.

In the article, it’s mentioned that Weying is the defense attorney of Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) following events of the first film. Menken is a Oscorp spokesman commenting on the case.

Could this be another piece of the build up towards the ‘Sinister Six’ storyline in the third and fourth film?