“Venom” Film To Include Brock’s Ex-Wife?

Ann Weying, a key character from Marvel’s “Spider-Man” comics, is reportedly set to appear in the upcoming “Venom” movie at Sony Pictures according to That Hashtag Show.

In the comics, Weying is a successful lawyer and the ex-wife of Eddie Brock – the man who becomes Venom. In the comics she also became She-Venom and temporary symbiote before ultimately committing suicide due to the trauma of the experience.

Tom Hardy is set to play Venom in the film which boasts a new script by Jeff Pinker and Scott Rosenberg. Producers are reportedly looking to cast a woman in the age range of 25-32-years old for the role of Ann.

The new film, which boasts Carnage as the villain, is NOT a part of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe and is rumored to have an R-rating. It is currently expected to be released October 5th 2018.