“Venom” Backtracking, Reactions & Predictions

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The Tom Hardy-led Marvel Comics adaptation “Venom” opens this Friday, the first in what studio Sony Pictures hopes will be their own cinematic universe of Marvel properties based on the characters they own. Judging by box-office projections, they’re getting their wish with the film targeting a $55-65 million domestic opening alone.

How good the reaction will be to it however is a more interesting question. While reviews haven’t been published yet, social media reactions from some critics have gone online and paint an odd picture. Some call it “Catwoman” and “Elektra”-level filmmaking, others were mixed, others praised it for its comedic elements and Hardy’s performance.

The reaction comes as Hardy and co-star Michelle Williams have both commented on, and in Hardy’s case now backtracked on, why they joined the project and how much of the film was cut. Williams tells THR that she joined the project for both co-star Hardy and that as she’s getting older she’s going for more mainstream films that help pay the bills.

Meanwhile Hardy has stepped back from comments he made last week saying some of his favorite stuff didn’t make the final cut and he was seemingly quite disappointed. Speaking with IGN he clarified his remarks saying the following:

“Venom” opens in cinemas worldwide this Friday.