Vaughn Seems To Confirm “Man of Steel 2” Talks

Having tackled three comic book properties with “X-Men: First Class,” the first “Kick-Ass,” and both “Kingsman” films, it wasn’t a huge surprise when a rumor went around that British filmmaker Matthew Vaughn’s name was in contention for another.

That film? The sequel to Zack Snyder’s 2013 Superman reboot “Man of Steel”. At the time the rumor was Vaughn was at the top of the studio’s list to helm the movie.

This week, the director has now seemingly confirmed that he’s indeed in contention. Speaking with HeyUGuys, he was asked about the possibility of taking on Superman to which he said:

“I am planning another Kingsman, I’ve written the treatment and some of the scenes…I don’t know what I’m going to do next but I have had chats about Superman, I love Superman. If somebody asks me to do Indiana Jones, most of the superheroes or Star Wars the fanboy in me can’t help but be excited.”

For now there is no production or release date set for a “Man of Steel” follow-up, the studio previously indicating they intend to make it but aren’t seemingly in a huge rush to move forward on it.