Vaughn On His Scrapped Young Wolverine Film

“Kingsman” director Matthew Vaughn is still doing press rounds for that franchise’s sequel and has spoken about the time he was slated to tackle another sequel – a follow-up to his revitalisation of the “X-Men” franchise with 2011’s “X-Men: First Class”.

Ultimately the first “Kingsman” came calling and Bryan Singer took back the “X-Men” franchise with ‘Days of Future Past’ the immediate follow-up. Speaking with Uproxx this week, Vaughn revealed that if he had stayed on, ‘Days’ wouldn’t have been the sequel:

“I didn’t want to do Days of Future Past next. I felt that one should be in a trilogy and Days of Future Past should be the finale of that story.

I would have done a film in-between where you meet the young Wolverine and a new character, and then in Days of Future Past became the young Wolverine and the old Wolverine and just really blow it out.

So that’s what I would have done, but the studio didn’t agree with me on that. And, to be frank, as I said, it’s not my sandbox so I couldn’t do anything about it.”

The comments come in the wake of 20th Century Fox Chairman and CEO Stacey Snider being asked at the Emmys on the weekend if a reboot of “Wolverine” is possible to which she responded: “Anything’s possible.”

Vaughn’s “Kingsman” star Taron Egerton, who also co-starred with Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman in “Eddie the Eagle,” has been a name commonly rumored to be a good fit for the reboot.

In a separate interview with Cinema Blend, Vaughn also revealed he: “wouldn’t mind maybe making a Fantastic Four film to apologise to everyone out there that maybe it didn’t go very well for them.”