Vaughn Joins Gibson’s “Hacksaw Ridge”

Coming off the flop of “Unfinished Business” and the divisive second season of “True Detective,” Vince Vaughn has joined the cast of Mel Gibson’s next directorial effort “Hacksaw Ridge”.

The film is based on the true story of Desmond T. Doss, a US Army WW2 medic who served in the battle of Okinawa and refused to kill. Despite his objections, his incredible valour saving lives during the battle saw him awarded the Medal of Honor.

Andrew Garfield plays Doss in the film, while Vaughn will be the hard to please Sergeant Howell whose job is to prepare soldiers for battle. Howell was concerned by Doss’ refusal to shoot the enemy but also cared about the men under his command.

Sam Worthington also stars in the film which will be shot in Australia and boasts a script by Randall Wallace.

Source: Deadline