Vaughn, Ford Rumored For “Star Wars 7”

With the Lucasfilm/Disney merger still just a week old, anything and everything “Star Wars” related is a big hit generator on news sites as fans everywhere are desperate to know more. The truth is though that there isn’t anything new that’s even the most remote bit confirmed.

Collider posted a rumor yesterday that “X-Men: First Class” and “Kick Ass” director Matthew Vaughn is up for the job of helming “Star Wars: Episode VII” and that’s the main reason Vaughn dropped out of doing “X-Men: Days of Future Past” (rather than “The Secret Service” as previously suggested).

Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly adds that Harrison Ford “is open to the idea of doing the movie” according to their sources. This would be a surprise considering Ford’s previously expressed attitude to the character and his work in the films.

Right now Disney is no doubt looking at a large number of successful genre directors to tackle the material, and Vaughn’s name would be a natural inclusion in that list. I don’t doubt a few other sites in coming weeks will lay the claim that a certain helmer could be doing the film, and when someone is selected whomever guessed right will have bragging rights. Vaughn is certainly one of the more believable assumptions thus far.

Right now, however, there isn’t even a writer working on the script let alone a director attached. With a 2015 release planned, a selection by early next year seems a reasonable estimate. Until then we’ll have to sit through all sorts of speculation.