Vaughn Considered For “Man of Steel 2”

He offered a minor-reboot of the “X-Men” with the still under rated “X-Men: First Class,” he was on the R-rated comic book train long before “Deadpool” as he helmed the first films in both the “Kick Ass” and “Kingsman: The Secret Service” franchises.

Now, a new report at Collider indicates Matthew Vaughn has emerged as Warner Brothers’ top choice to direct the direct “Man of Steel” sequel and preliminary conversations about working together have already taken place but Warners isn’t at a point where they’re looking to make a deal just yet.

Back in 2010, Vaughn revealed that he was brought in to Warners to pitch his take on a new Superman movie – ultimately losing out to Zack Snyder. At the time, Vaughn also said a knowing comment: “I just hope they don’t make it too serious. I think that’s the one thing not to do with Superman, trying to do the serious ‘The Dark Knight’ version. Superman is about color and fun, or it should be, for me.”

The site adds that even if Vaughn doesn’t end up striking a deal for the film, they might still have him helm another superhero movie in the DC Expanded Universe. “The Flash,” “Cyborg” and “Green Lantern Corps.” are all still currently seeking new directors.