Vaughan Open To “Saga” Being Adapted

A screen adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan’s celebrated comic “Y: The Last Man” has long been in development and sadly no-one has yet to crack that great story.

That hasn’t stopped Vaughan from churning out other award-winning work such as his exotic space opera comic title “Saga” which he co-writes with Fiona Staples. Could that property get a live-action adaptation someday?

Speaking to CBR, Vaughn says it’s possible but will depend on one thing – the story needs to have an end first:

“Maybe when the story is finished? I think Fiona and I are both open to Saga possibly being translated into another medium someday, and we’ve gotten a lot of very flattering offers, but for the moment, we’re just concentrating on trying to make the greatest comic book we can.”

The comic currently has had 43 issues published to date. Vaughan’s Marvel comics title “Runaways” will shortly premiere as a live-action series on Hulu.