“Varsity Blues” TV Reboot Out, Sequel In?

Actor James Van Der Beek has revealed that there have been some serious conversations regarding a possible sequel to the 1999 Texas college football film “Varsity Blues”.

In recent years, there has been talk of a television reboot of the property, not an unusual idea considering “Friday Night Lights” successfully exploited that angle for several years.

Van Der Beek played quarterback Jonathan “Mox” Moxon in the original and, speaking with Yahoo this week, indicates that the TV idea has been shelved in favor of a follow-up to the original film which would explore where all the characters have ended up:

“I’m not sure how much I can say, but there are some very serious talks about that. We are talking actively about that world and modernizing it.”

Two of the original film’s key players, Paul Walker and Ron Lester, have passed on in the eighteen years since the original while co-star Scott Caan has network TV commitments – leaving one to ponder what a sequel might actually look like without much of the main cast.