Various Superhero Film Updates

The Dark Knight: Nathan Gamble has confirmed that he’ll play the son of Gary Oldman’s Jim Gordon in the upcoming “The Dark Knight”, whilst a report indicates that the VFX make-up for Two-Face shows “flesh is decayed, exposing his teeth and eye socket”. Heath Ledger has also discussed his role as The Joker here and here. Finally some photos are out from the Hong Kong press conference.

Justice League: Aussie model Meagan Gale was rumored last week to be playing Wonder Woman in the upcoming superhero team-up film. Asked about the reports, Gale coyly replied on the weekend that “I can’t talk about it. I wish I could, but I can’t”. Meanwhile Andy Whitfield, star of the upcoming Aussie supernatural drama “Gabriel,” is tipped for a role. Also, Sony Pictures Imageworks is said to be the main group behind the film’s visual effects.

The Punisher: War Zone: Julie Benz, best known as vampire vixen Darla in TV’s “Buffy” and “Angel,” has joined the cast of the sequel. Ray Stevenson plays former FBI agent Frank Castle continuing his crusade to punish violent criminals in America, now in New York to take on a underworld boss who plots to take control of the underworld. Some new set photos are also available.

Transformers 2: Shooting is scheduled to begin next June but already Michael Bay has plans to distribute a lot of disinformation.