Vanguard Picks Up “Galacticus,” “Oz Wars”

Vanguard Films has picked up the screen rights to the graphic novels “Circus Galacticus” and “The Oz Wars” reports Variety.

Michael Walker’s “Circus Galacticus” is a futuristic story that revolves around a fantastical circus with mythic creatures, fantasy aerialists and heroic guerrilla fighters.

They navigate the dark realm ruled by despotic tyrants who’ve taken control of Earth and have designated the circus as the only permissible form of entertainment.

“The Oz Wars” is an action film set in the Emerald City, where a fierce war is waged by the Witches in their evil citadel against the resistance fighters led by the beleaguered Wizard.

The storyline was penned by an established screenwriter who’s using the pseudonym “Dorothy Gale.”

John H. Williams and Rob Moreland will be involved in producing capacities.