Van Helsing Reboot Inspired By “Mad Max”

One of the least talked about films in Universal’s ambitious monster movie universe plans is their proposed reboot of “Van Helsing”. The initiative, which kicks off with next year’s “The Mummy,” will tackle several other classic monsters first before getting around to the famed vampire hunter who became an action hero type for the 2004 Hugh Jackman-led film.

Speaking with HitFix this week, the film’s screenwriter Eric Heisserer says that the inspiration for the new “Van Helsing” is from a different source: “I can only say that early on, our inspiration for [Van Helsing’s] behavior and his mannerisms was all in Mad Max”

Heisserer also confirms the films of this linked universe will have different tones: “One may be a little bit more comedic, action-adventure-y, one can be very much a traditional horror piece, and then we’ll see what happens as the projects evolve and we all get a chance to convene and talk, and make sure the movies feel like they’re all in the same world.”