Van Damme Not In “Bloodsport” Remake?

“Taken 2” scribe Robert Mark Kamen is currently penning the upcoming remake of the 1988 Jean-Claude Van Damme martial arts flick “Bloodsport”.

Asked about the project by Crave Online, Kamen says he doesn’t believe Van Damme himself should be involved in the project.

“This film resembles the original in title. It has nothing to do with any Kumite contest. It has nothing to do with Frank Dux. If the title was not the same, you would not associate the two films.

To use JCVD would make no sense because the association would be lost as the story has nothing to do with the first one. If anything it would be a distraction.”

Earlier this year, Van Damme expressed interest in returning in a role as a trainer but was aware of Kamen’s dissatisfaction with him. At last report Phillip Noyce (“Salt,” “Clear and Present Danger”) was attached to direct.