Valve Officially Announces The Steam Box

After years of speculation, Valve have confirmed the existence of their long-awaited Steam Box video game console, or rather the ‘Steam Machines’ which will release in 2014.

Rather than a single, one spec box like a Playstation 4 or Xbox One, Valve is working with multiple partners to launch a variety of Steam gaming machines for the market next year. All will run Linux-based SteamOS, which was announced on Monday.

The aim is to bring the popular Steam gaming service into the lounge room, allowing users to play PC games on your big screen TV with a game controller rather than a keyboard.

Different manufacturers are expected create all sorts of boxes with different levels of power and at different price points (just like they do now with PCs). Valve isn’t so much attempting to enter the game console war as it is trying to create an entire category of gaming machines.

A high-performance prototype optimized for gaming will be beta-tested later this year ahead of the machine’s release. Details on the systems specs aren’t forthcoming at present, but it is expected that unlike other game consoles – these Steam machines will be “upgradeable and re-build friendly”.

Source: Steam Powered