“Valley Girl” Remake Pulled From Schedule

MGM has reportedly pulled Rachel Lee Goldenberg’s musical remake of iconic 1983 rom-com “Valley Girl” from its release schedule. Originally slated for June 29th, the “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” remake “The Hustle” will instead take the slot.

The original “Valley Girl” starred Deborah Foreman as the titular girl and Nicolas Cage as the punk-rocker whom she falls for. Jessica Rothe and Josh Whitehouse lead the more ensemble focus of the new one which also stars Chloe Bennet, Ashleigh Murray, and Mae Whitman.

The reason for the removal has officially been given. Unofficially the most likely reason is the involvement of Logan Paul, the hugely popular YouTuber star who has attracted widespread criticism for some recent disgraceful videos – notably his visit to the Japanese suicide forest. Whether they will reshoot his scenes or the film will be dumped straight to VOD is unclear.

Source: The Wrap