Valkyrie Moves Again

MGM has moved “Valkyrie”, the Bryan Singer-directed & Tom Cruise-lead thriller about a failed German assassination of Hitler, yet again. This time its been moved up several weeks to a December 26th release.

The project was previously slated for a late June 2008 release before reshoots and other factors pushed it to October and then February 13th 2009.

An early screening for the film has apparently gone well enough that they’ve moved it back to December 26th in the hopes of better commercial prospects for the film, yet the constant date shuffle has caused enough damage that some fear it may never recover.

The news however hit at the exact same time that UA co-owner and CEO Paula Wagner is in talks with MGM to leave her post. Since she and Cruise took over UA nearly two years ago with a $500 million Merrill Lynch credit line, “Valkyrie” remains the sole project the studio has managed to get into production. The pair worked with UA in 2006 on “Lions for Lambs” which ended up being a critical dud and a financial disaster.

Now, with deadlines not being met and that credit line in jeopardy, Deadline Hollywood Daily indicates that it looks like MGM wants to step in and quickly greenlight two UA projects in order to keep the financing deal intact. Despite their long history together, it also looks like Cruise and Wagner will amicably go their separate ways.