Valkyrie & Monsters Date Changes

‘Zephyr’ is back with some rather juicy release date information:

“Feast of Love, an MGM romance starring Selma Blair, Greg Kinnear, and Morgan Freeman, has been delayed two weeks from September 14th to September 28th.

Valkyrie, the much-publicized Bryan Singer-directed WWII thriller from the Tom Cruise-led United Artists, will come out August 8th, 2008. It won’t be alone though, facing The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, The Pineapple Express, and Journey 3-D.

Monsters Vs. Aliens, Dreamworks Animation’s first Digital 3-D film, has backed off of James Cameron’s Avatar, moving up a week to May 15th, 2009. While at first it may seem like surrendering, Dreamworks may simply be giving Monsters the one-week advantage over Memorial Day Weekend 2009.

The Last Legion, a Roman-Arthurian epic starring Sir Ben Kingsley, Colin Firth, and self-proclaimed “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” Aishwarya Rai, has been delayed indefinitely from its August 24th release date. Ironically, or coincendently as the case may be, this delay happened on the same day that its first trailer came out. Ouch.

The Nanny Diaries, the romantic dramedy starring Scarlett Johansson, Laura Linney, Paul Giamatti, and Chris Evans, has been moved up from September 7th to August 24th.

The Hunting Party, a political adventure-comedy from the guy who directed The Matador and starring Richard Gere and Terrence Howard, has been delayed from August 17th to September 7th, where it will premiere in L.A. and N.Y.C. It will go wide on the 21st.”