Valentine’s Day Sequel Already Planned

Last year New Line and Warners made a small fortune from “He’s Just Not That Into You” so quickly greenlit the similar rom-com ensemble project “Valentine’s Day”. Now, Warner Bros. and the producers of the latter film plan to extend the formula into a franchise reports Deadline Hollywood.

“Army Wives” creator Katherine Fugate, who wrote the “Valentine’s Day” script, has apparently been hired to write a follow-up called “New Year’s Eve”. The film will follow the same routine – an anthology piece set on a major holiday that follows numerous storylines and features a giant ensemble cast of big names working at discount rates.

The studio is apparently keen to get ‘Day’ director Garry Marshall to return along with some of the characters (and their respective actors) from that film to star in ‘Eve’ and maintain continuity.

Logically the franchise could extend for every conceivable holiday – they’re quick and cheap to make, they’re generally a very safe bet performance wise, and well-received characters can stick around for sequels while annoying ones (or difficult actors) are easily written out.