Vaginal Teeth Aren’t That Naughty

The MPAA are at it again. The censorship board has long drawn criticism for its leniency on graphic violence but almost Victorian prudency on sexual situations.

When “Teeth”, a new film combining both elements went before them, many expected the board to award it the highest non-pornographic rating in their arsenal – NC-17. The story after all involves a young woman with teeth in her vagina that bite off the manhood of any guy who tries to force himself upon her.

Instead and in a surprise move, the much talked about Sundance movie scored only the common and increasingly outdated R-rating – the same one that on the one hand can be given to such gore epics as the “Saw” sequel, and yet also be awarded to films like the upcoming romantic fantasy “Stardust” and mild sex comedies like the “American Pie” series.

Questions have now been raised that the film has undergone some severe cuts in order to garner that rating. Several sources in attendance at the Sundance screening said the film would have to be released unrated as it stands, and Harvey Weinstein has stated he didn’t want to cut the movie to ensure an R rating. No clue as yet in regards to what has happened.

The move comes as the organisation comes under the most intense scrutiny and pressure that it has been under since its inception to both reform not only the classification system, but makes its own internal actions more open to both scrutiny and accountability.