Uwe Boll Wants Your Cash For “Blackout”

Widely derided German director Uwe Boll has found a new way to finance his upcoming films – online punters says The Hollywood Reporter.

For around $49, you can be a ‘co-producer’ on Boll’s terrorist disaster tale “Blackout”. Boll hopes to raise $18.5 million through the film’s Web site TheBlackoutFilm.com.

Those who sign up and transfer the money are promised a limited-edition DVD of the film plus a chance to win a trip to the set and other prizes.

The site will be open till March 31st. If the planned budget is not reached by then, but at least 43% of the desired cash has been collected, Boll may elect to make the movie with a smaller budget.

If not, he says he will return most of the cash to investors with at least $40 from each payment being returned should the film not get made.

Bill is currently shooting the apocalyptic thriller “The Storm” starring Lauren Holly and Luke Perry.