Uwe Boll Slams Marvel, Jolie & Crowdfunding

German director Uwe Boll is famous for various things, mostly churning out terrible movies. Ten years ago his films somehow went theatrical – “Alone in the Dark,” “House of the Dead,” “Bloodrayne,” etc.

Since then he’s been mostly doing direct to video fare from “the “In the Name of the King” sequels to the revenge piece “Rampage” and its sequel “Rampage: Capital Punishment”. Recently Boll took to crowdfunding to try and score $55,000 in additional funding to produce “Rampage 3”.

With only a few days left to go though, he hasn’t reached half his goal and he’s upset about it – to the point that he’s delivered a video diatribe slamming crowdfunding in general as well as other targets like Marvel movies before declaring “f— you all” and saying “I have enough money to play golf for ’til I’m dead”.

Naturally there’s been a lot of attention garnered by the video rants which can be found here and here. Language is NSFW.