Uwe Boll Has A Good Cry

Gamerflicks has confirmed that the next film of schlock-meister Uwe Boll (“Bloodrayne,” “Alone in the Dark”) will be an adaptation of “Far Cry,” the first-person shooter released in 2004 by Ubisoft.

Filming is set to begin on June 20 and last until August 28 but contrary to a newspaper report that appeared late last year it now appears that filming will not take place on the island of Hawaii but instead in Vancouver. Til Schweiger has apparently been cast in the lead role according to reports this week.

The game follows Jack Carver, an ex-Special Forces soldier, who is hired by a journalist named Valerie Constantine to take her to a seemingly remote and unpopulated island in Micronesia. Shortly after arriving on the island Jack is attacked by mercenaries and separated from Val.

As he begins tracking his employer across the jungle Jack discover that there are strange mutated creatures also on the island called Trigens, the result of a clandestine experiment involving genetic manipulation.

As each step brings him closer to rescuing Val, more clues about the origins of the Trigens and their creators are slowly revealed to Jack.

It’s unknown how close the movie will stick to Ubisoft’s game story although the change of location from a tropical environment (the setting of the game) to Vancouver’s coastal rainforest may require some modification to the screen story, which is being penned by Michael Roesch and Peter Scheerer (“Alone in the Dark,” “House of the Dead II”).