USA Cancels “Colony,” Teases “Purge”

Usa Cancels Colony Teases Purge

Those wondering why the sci-fi series “Colony,” which is about to wrap its third season, didn’t have a Comic-Con panel as per usual this year? Turns out the network has cancelled it with this week’s finale to serve as the series finale.

Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies starred in the alien occupied-Los Angeles series which got off to a strong start but soon bleed viewers that by the time of the third season had slipped to 1.3 million viewers with 394,000 adults 18-49 (Live+3) – the lowest demo season average among the current USA drama series.

USA Network instead put all its Comic-Con promotion into its TV series based on “The Purge” film franchise. A new trailer released confirms events of the series take place between the first and second films and follows several unrelated characters living in a small city. Explaining the advantages of a series, creator James DeMonaco says:

“Time is the biggest factor on a very practical level. We had 10 hours to explore things we couldn’t even attempt to do in the movie. That gives us the real estate to get into characters more and use a flashback structure to go off purge. Here we go back five years before the purge, 3 months before the purge, 2 days before the purge. So we’ll see how this society exists within the purge landscape.”

The series premieres Tuesday, September 4th on USA and Syfy.

Source: Deadline