US “Killing” Lives? Danish “Killing” Returns

One month after AMC swung the axe that chopped the head off its mystery drama remake “The Killing”, both Netflix and DirecTV are reportedly in early talks with Fox TV Studios to pick up a third season of the show reports TV Line.

Actor Joel Kinnaman says there’s plenty of life left in the show beyond the Rosie Larsen mystery – “We’ve invested a lot in these characters and want to see how they continue their journey,” he said. “I feel like Linden and Holder [are] just [getting] started.”

Reps for both companies evaded talking about the report. Even if it is true, it’s no guarantee that the show will survive.

On the one hand, thanks to both networks, shows like “Friday Night Lights,” “Damages” and “Arrested Development” have been able to live on for several seasons after their original networks gave them the chop.

On the other, both have considered axed shows like “The River” and “Terra Nova” before ultimately opting out of the chance of reviving them.

Starting strong, the show never recovered from drawing out its central mystery for too long – by the end of its second season it had lost half of its initial audience and much of its critical acclaim.

More exciting though, and far more likely to draw praise, is the upcoming third season of “Forbrydelsen” (“The Killing”), the original Danish series on which the AMC remake was based.

Sarah Lund and her iconic cardigan return to Danish television channel DR1 on September 23rd for a ten-episode run in which the random murder of a sailor leads to the exposure of corruption within the financial community.

In the UK, where the Danish series became a bonafide cultural phenomenon, the new season will air in two-episode blocks weekly over five weeks on BBC4 starting November 17th.