Update On All Things Uwe Boll

The modern master of schlock cinema like “Bloodrayne”, “Alone in the Dark” and “House of the Dead” has about half a dozen projects on the way and here’s a look at the latest on many of them:

First up Skewed & Reviewed reports that Boll’s next project is the Vietnam War-era “Tunnel Rats”. No casting as yet but shooting will take place in South Africa.

They also reports that “Alone in the Dark 2” is scheduled to film in Romania, and the video game adaptation “Far Cry” will now shoot in Vancouver rather than Hawaii.

Earlier this week the first footage from his film version of “Postal” went online and can still be found at Slashfilm.

A podcast up at Virtual Chainsaw about “Postal” reveals the opening sequence makes fun of the Twin Towers incident in a rather offensive way.

First stills from his film “Seed” with Michael Paré, Will Sanderson & Jodelle Ferland are up at BollFans and BollBashers.