Untold Is Part Of Universal’s Monsters

Reports emerged yesterday that the coda of “Dracula Untold” serves as the launchpad for Universal’s proposed shared universe of their classic monsters in contemporary times.

Now, producer Alissa Phillips has confirmed the report to HeyUGuys, saying the film initially wasn’t to be a part of the franchise – but now is. She says:

“I was really excited to be part of that. When we started out we weren’t [part of the series], but then we found out that they were going to do it. Working with Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan who are very much a part of creating The Mummy and the other ones…it’s been fun to be a part of that.”

The sequence in the film essentially serves as a prologue to Alex Kurtzman’s “The Mummy” reboot which was originally going to be the first title in the proposed plan. Will that film feature a cameo of Luke Evans as Vlad? We’ll see.