Unrated “Counselor” Gets A Further 21 Minutes

While many unrated or extended editions can be written off as just cheap cash grabs, when a Ridley Scott film comes to disc there’s often a lot more to it.

His most recent film, “The Counselor,” opened this year to scathing reviews. Shot for just $25 million, it did end up making a very small profit with a $63 million worldwide box-office haul.

Now, Fox have unveiled plans to release an unrated, extended cut of the film on Blu-ray with a runtime of 138 minutes. That’s a considerably longer version, a full 21 minutes longer, than the theatrical cut of 117 minutes.

The “director’s cuts” of various Scott films, from “Kingdom of Heaven” to “Legend,” have often seen significant improvements over their theatrical cut counterparts. Will the same happen here?

Source: Blu-ray.com