Universal’s “Hunt” Pulling Wasn’t From Criticism?

Universal Says Hunt Pulling Wasnt From Criticism

A bunch of entertainment news last week was dominated by talk of Universal Pictures’ “The Hunt,” the Blumhouse dark satire/thriller that generated such incendiary talk in certain circles, including U.S. President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, that the studio effectively cancelled the film’s release.

The film is a spin on the near century old class warfare satire “The Most Dangerous Game” which features a premise where the rich elite travel to a place where they can hunt the lower classes for sport.

While the film has yet to be seen and the one trailer released so far didn’t confirm it, rumors online from sources claiming to have seen the script and/or test screenings indicated the premise had a political twist to it – in this case having wealthy liberal elites hunting conservative Americans.

In a new report over at Indiewire, sources have indicated it was neither Trump’s tweets or the op-ed pieces from conservative news outlets that led to the decision by Universal to cancel it. They claim the studio had already made the decision to pull it from its slate early last week in the wake of the recent mass murders in Ohio and Texas.

Unfortunately for the studio their cautious approach, which included the news of them “hitting pause on the film’s marketing,” wasn’t quick enough to stop the flood of criticism that took place in the back half of the week. Either way it looks bad, and there are no plans for “The Hunt” to come to cinemas anytime soon.