Universal Sued Over Rival James Bond Film

MGM and James Bond producers Danjaq have filed a copyright infringement suit against NBCUniversal over their upcoming feature film “Section 6”.

Joe Cornish is slated to direct the project which Jack O’Connell is attached to star in the film which previously has been said to explore the formation of MI6 immediately after World War I.

The suit, filed late Thursday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, claims the film is a rip off of the James Bond film franchise. It states:

“This lawsuit concerns a motion picture project, in active development, featuring a daring, tuxedo-clad British secret agent, employed by ‘His Majesty’s Secret Service,’ with a ‘license to kill,’ and a 00 (double-O) secret agent number on a mission to save England from the diabolical plot of a megalomanical villain.

Most moviegoers would assume from that description alone that this lawsuit concerns the next James Bond picture. It does not. This lawsuit is instead about a James Bond knockoff that defendant Universal is readying for production, based on a screenplay that defendant [Aaron] Berg wrote.”

MGM and Universal have reportedly been tangling over the project for several months now, but it was the hiring of Cornish, O’Connell and four producers which would indicate things are moving swiftly on it that has apparently lead to this seeking of an injunction.

Source: Variety