Universal Responds To Bond Rip-Off Lawsuit

Universal Pictures has fired back in the lawsuit filed against by James Bond franchise holders MGM and Danjaq over Universal’s project “Section 6”.

Last week, MGM and Danjaq filed a copyright lawsuit against Universal alleging “Section 6,” which deals with the formation of the UK external intelligence agency MI6 following the first World War, was a James Bond knockoff.

MGM reportedly wants documents to evaluate whether it needs to seek preliminary injunctive relief to stop Universal from moving forward with the film.

Now, THR Esq says that Universal is fighting the expedited discovery request, saying the film in in question has not been ‘green lit’ and any decision on that front is many months away with the project still in the earliest stages of development.

The defendant’s court papers says: “Universal expressly advised MGM that it is substantially changing that screenplay to remove any material that might arguably be infringing. That process is ongoing and a revised script will not be finished for several months… Naturally, Universal does not want to share its work in progress with its competitor.”