Universal Remakes “Jesus Christ Superstar”

Who are you, what have you sacrificed? Taste it would seem.

After the success of the ABBA musical “Mamma Mia!”, Universal Pictures is keen on more musicals and is moving forward with a new film version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic 70’s musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” says Risky Biz Blog.

The original musical was first made into a film in 1973 by acclaimed director Norman Jewison and looks at the last few weeks of Jesus’ life. Its omission of the resurrection, and its depiction of a conflicted and sympathetic African-American Judas Iscariot lead to controversy upon its initial release.

The new version, which Marc Platt will produce, will update the style for modern audiences. “(500) Days of Summer” director Marc Webb is tipped to helm the new version but is not in active negotiations at present.