Universal Remakes “Bride of Frankenstein”

Universal and Imagine are developing a remake of the monster classic “Bride of Frankenstein” says The Risky Biz Blog

Elsa Lanchester starred as the titular bride in James Whale’s 1935 feature which follows on from the classic 1931 “Frankenstein”. In ‘Bride’, a chastened Henry Frankenstein abandons his plans to create life, only to be tempted and finally coerced by the Monster, encouraged by Henry’s old mentor Dr Pretorius, into constructing a mate for him.

The Bride rejects the Monster however, resulting in her death, that of Pretorius, and apparently the Monster’s own death, when he destroys Henry’s laboratory.

“The Illusionist” filmmaker Neil Burger will direct and co-write the script with Dirk Wittenborn. Brian Grazer and Sean Daniel will produce.