Universal Prepares For “47 Ronin” To Bomb

There’s been some major bombs this year, and now Universal Pictures is closing out the year with potentially one of the biggest – “47 Ronin”.

Despite the film not even finishing its first weekend yet, the studio has already written down a portion of its official $175 million budget (unofficially it’s closer to $225 million) as a loss, though isn’t specifying exactly how much.

A spokesperson says: “Universal Pictures regularly evaluates its film slate for potential adjustment. In the case of ’47 Ronin,’ we adjusted film costs in previous quarters and as a result our financial performance will not be negatively impacted this quarter by its theatrical performance.”

The samurai fantasy epic is project to earn under $20 million through Sunday, the worst debut for a movie this year with a budget above $150 million.

International isn’t a saving grace, the film taking just $10 million through Wednesday from 14 territories including ones where it was expected to be a major performer like Japan.

Though there’s still chances of a turnaround, it looks like “47 Ronin” will join “The Lone Ranger,” “R.I.P.D.,” “After Earth,” and “Jack The Giant Slayer” in regards to being seen as one of the year’s biggest box-office duds. The studio isn’t too fussed though, thanks to the success of “Fast and Furious 6” and “Despicable Me 2” giving them a stellar 2013 overall.

Source: Variety