Universal Plans Another Spy Franchise

Universal Pictures has acquired an untitled spy action thriller pitch from Josh Zetumer which they hope will become a franchise reports Deadline.

Two-and-a-half years ago Zetumer was brought on to write a “parallel script” for “The Bourne Legacy” after scribe George Nolfi’s then most recent draft wasn’t clicking with the studio and Nolfi’s “The Adjustment Bureau” commitments prevented him from doing further work.

Neither script ended up being used after Tony Gilroy came onboard mid-2010 and threw them both out in favour of his own script.

Zetumer used the experience to shape an original spy thriller script of his own, that is the project that Universal has ended up buying. Zetumer also worked on the script for the upcoming “Robocop” remake, Peter Berg’s seemingly abandoned “Dune” remake, and the supernatural detective story “Vale”.