Universal Plans A “Jurassic World” Trilogy

Following the runaway success of “Jurassic World” this year with a whopping $208 million opening and the film currently standing as the biggest grossing film of this year, the announcement of another ‘Jurassic’ sequel being in the works came as a no brainer.

In a sit down with THR this week, Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley has revealed that it isn’t just one follow-up being developed – it’s actually an entire trilogy which JW director Colin Trevorrow and executive producer Steven Spielberg are working on. Asked if the second film will have trouble meeting its intended June 22nd 2018 release date, Langley says:

“There’s no reason why we should [have trouble]. [Director] Colin Trevorrow is busy working on an outline. He’s been working with Steven [Spielberg]. And they have an idea for the next two movies actually. It was designed as a trilogy, unbeknown to us. It’s a happy surprise.”

Trevorrow previously revealed he would not be back to direct the second “Jurassic World,” opting instead to work on “Star Wars: Episode IX,” but he reportedly still wants to be involved in the franchise and will likely do so in the near future as writer and/or producer.

It isn’t presently known how far along Trevorrow’s script for “Jurassic World 2” is, but it is known the story will be taken off Isla Nublar and deal with companies developing weaponized dinosaur technology.