Universal Has The Best Box-Office Year Ever

Universal Pictures is having a great year. In fact it has grossed $5.53 billion at the worldwide box office in 2015 to date – giving it the biggest year of all time for a single studio, and that’s with five months still to go.

20th Century Fox held the previous record with $5.52 billion last year, but that was across the entire twelve months. That Universal has done this in just seven months, and without a single superhero franchise which is the genre du jour of the moment, is nothing short of astonishing.

The studio has been powered by the key global success of five quite different and diverse films – “Jurassic World” ($1.562 billion), “Furious 7” ($1.515 billion), “Minions” ($875 million), “Fifty Shades of Grey” ($570 million) and “Pitch Perfect 2” ($283 million). Even small films like “Unfriended” ($54 million) “The Boy Next Door” ($50 million) were highly profitable, and the yet to really open globally “Trainwreck” is already looking like another solid hit.

These successes helped them overcome only three misfires – the under-performing “Ted 2” ($160 million), the costly acquired flop “Seventh Son” ($110 million), and one of the biggest bombs in years with “Blackhat” ($18 million).

The company still has numerous films to go before year’s end including this week’s “Straight Outta Compton” along with “Everest*,” “Crimson Peak,” “Steve Jobs,” “Legend,” “Jem and the Holograms,” “The Visit,” “By the Sea,” “Krampus” and “Sisters”.

Source: Variety