Universal Dumps “Ouija” Film Adaptation

Universal Pictures has continued shedding the various film projects it had in development based on Hasbro board games.

Having ditched the “Clue” adaptation earlier this month, Vulture now reports that their planned film based on the afterlife spiritual contact board game “Ouija” has been put in turnaround.

Michael Bay was to produce and McG was to direct the film which has been setup for three years at the studio with a “Jumanji”-esque family fantasy tentpole planned based on the property. At last report Simon Kinberg (“Sherlock Holmes”) had done a new pass on the script.

Bay and McG will now taking meetings with other studios next week to drum up interest, though Paramount is said to have already passed. The decision doesn’t come cheap for Universal who’re are likely to pay a $5 million penalty for dropping the project.