Unity Teases “Heretic” Demo, “System Shock 3”

Unity Teases Heretic Demo System Shock 3

Unity held its annual Game Developer Conference keynote on Monday evening, showing off an impressive short film segment called “The Heretic” rendered in real-time with the latest version of their engine.

The clip reportedly renders at 30 frames per second at 1440p on a consumer-class desktop computer – with things like volumetric lighting, varying focal lengths, high-definition bloom effects, and cinematic controls all included.

The clip was amongst several shown during the panel, another being OtherSide Entertainment’s Warren Spector showing off footage from the highly anticipated sequel “System Shock 3” which is being developed on the Unity engine. Both clips are available below.

The presentation also revealed that an Nvidia driver update in April will bring real-time ray tracing technology to the company’s last few graphics cards models from the GTX 1060 through to the 1080 Ti and the Titan V.