Uni Monsters Get “Fargo,” “Prisoners” Scribes

Universal Pictures is continuing to lock down plans for an interconnected cinematic universe featuring its classic monsters, with a trio of scribes having been hired by the studio.

Off screen, the studio aims to create something akin to Pixar’s “brain trust” with a handful of scribes all weighing in on and contributing to each other’s movies. Each will offer help as needed as they work on separate films that will include serialized storytelling elements.

Previously announced for this group were Chris Morgan (“Fast Five,” “47 Ronin”) and Alex Kurtzman (“Star Trek,” “Transformers”) who are also producing. Joining them will be “Fargo” TV series creator Noah Hawley, screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski (“Prisoners,” “Contraband”), and veteran screenwriter Ed Solomon (“Men in Black,” “Now You See Me”).

Guzikowski will take the lead on penning “The Wolfman,” a new version of the classic werewolf story that hopes to avoid the mistakes of the 2010 adaptation. It will also interconnect with the upcoming “The Mummy” reboot which Kurtzman directs from a script by Jon Spaihts and Billy Ray.

Hawley and Solomon have yet to take point on projects. Other projects potentially in the mix include new takes on Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Bride of Frankenstein and vampire hunter Van Helsing.

“The Mummy,” opening June 24th 2016, is the first official film of the new continuity though there’s been hints that last month’s “Dracula Untold” could end up a part of this universe as well. Universal has already staked out an April 21st 2017 release date for the second official film in the series, with ‘Wolfman’ likely to take that date.

Source: Heat Vision