“Under the Skin” Helmer Plans Holocaust Film

Under The Skin Helmer Plans Holocaust Film

Exploding onto the scene with 2000’s “Sexy Beast” and causing cinephiles to swoon with 2013’s Scottish horror/sci-fi flick “Under the Skin,” director Jonathan Glazer famously takes his time before settling on a new film project.

This week, speaking on the A Dash of Drash podcast (via The Playlist), Glazer has revealed that he’s finally ready to get to work on his follow-up film which he reveals will be a Holocaust film set in Auschwitz. However his movie won’t be about the plight of the victims, but rather he’s inspired by WW2 photos which horrified him as a kid as they showed the complicity of those who condemned them to death:

“I remember being very taken by the faces of the bystanders, the onlookers, the complicit, you know? Ordinary Germans. I started wondering how it would be possible to stand by and watch that. Some of the faces actually enjoy it. The spectacle of it. The kinda circus of it.”

He adds that the setting of Auschwitz is a major character in the story as opposed to just a backdrop:

“A lot of the stories I’ve seen, I do sometimes think they could be set anywhere actually. As soon as you define a plot, you’re sort of somehow relegating Auschwitz as a place and it becomes a context. For me, I don’t want to do that. I just felt that was wrong.”

Glazer admits he’s spent four or five years working entirely on this project already, a bunch of which was researching the ethics of doing a film based on this subject matter. Filming aims to begin next Summer ahead of a 2020 release.