Under the Dome Cancelled By CBS

CBS has opted not to renew the Stephen King adaptation “Under the Dome” for a fourth season with the show set finish up at the end of the current third season on September 10th.

Based on Stephen King’s bestselling novel, the story follows a small town that is suddenly and inexplicably sealed off from the rest of the world by an enormous transparent dome. Launching Summer 2013, the expensive series initially had some solid reviews and averaged around 11.1 million viewers across its first season.

It was such a success that CBS proceeded to launch several other pulpy genre event series over the Summer including “Extant” last year and “Zoo” this year.

‘Dome’ came under fire though for taking a story that seems perfectly designed for an event series/mini-series and turning it into an ongoing series – thereby dragging things out and avoiding answers to the questions it generated.

Subsequent seasons has seen critical opinion and viewership plummet with an audience of around 4.2 million tuning in to an average episode this season. The network has confirmed that we’ll see the dome come down before the finale which should at least provide some closure.

Source: TV Line