“Uncharted” Fan Film Director Talks Plans

Uncharted Fan Film Director Talks Plans

After a brief tease on Friday, beloved actor Nathan Fillion finally got to play the role many have dreamed about him playing – treasure hunter Nathan Drake from the “Uncharted” video games – in a 15-minute short fan film from filmmaker Allan Ungar (“Gridlocked”).

Considering it was done for next to nothing, the short was not only well produced but very evocative of the games in its shots, tone and rhythm. So far the reception seems to have been universally positive for the clip, but there’s also been the obvious question of where do we go from here?

Sony Pictures is doing its own feature film adaptation of the games, one starring current “Spider-Man” star Tom Holland as a much younger version of Drake in what is effectively an origin story. That rules out this being a potential “Deadpool”-style proof of concept short to try and get a feature made.

What it doesn’t rule out though is either an alternative project, or the possibility of more shorts in this series with possibly bigger budgets. Asked about this possibility by Slashfilm today, Ungar says:

“When we sat down and I pitched this to Nathan, I said, ‘Look, regardless of what happens, I’m going to be totally thrilled if this just lives and dies as a well-received fan film, bringing something to the fans that they’ve been wanting to see for the last decade. That being said, the best case scenario for us, if we felt this way, is that maybe someone asks if we can continue this story and Sony was interested in exploring it.’

I think right now, we’re at a very interesting time in this business where you have cross-platform distribution. You’ve got Marvel and DC, who are going from theatrical to digital to network. You’ve got different actors playing the same character. Look at Gotham, and look at the DC films. You’ve got two people playing Batman. You have the same thing on the Arrow show. You’ve got Viola Davis playing Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad, and another actress on the show. I could go on and on.

Obviously, we would be thrilled to see if there’s a world that existed where we could continue telling this story. But we will be very happy knowing that it ended with everybody loving it, and everybody saying thank you for doing this.”

In the same interview, Fillion confirms he has never auditioned for the part of Nathan Drake with this short as close as he’s ever gotten to playing anything Nathan Drake-related.