Uncharted 4 Got Rebooted Midway

Fans have been keenly awaiting Naughty Dog’s video game “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” for some time, a project that got hit by several setbacks behind-the-scenes over the years. While most of them were kept under wraps, one became quite public two years ago when longtime series directors Amy Hennig and Justin Richmond left the company.

“The Last of Us” writers and directors Neil Druckmann and Bruce Streley were then brought onboard to take over the project. This week, in a new interview with The New York Times, they confirmed one rumor that ties into why the game took so long.

It seems rather than continuing on with what work had been done, Druckmann and Streley essentially scrapped everything before that point and started from scratch – coming up with a new storyline and script which they claim is even better than the first draft Hennig and Richmond wrote. The pair say it was a “100% re-write” and they spoke about their aims for what looks to be last title in the series:

“This is the biggest, most ambitious Uncharted, let alone game, that Naughty Dog has ever endeavored to take on. We want to do this justice. We want it to be a mind-blowing, eye-popping, sweaty-palms adventure. Everybody is bleeding out of their eye sockets to make it come together. We want to make sure Drake is sent off properly.”

The comments come as the game undergoes a “multiplayer stress test” this weekend ahead of the title’s full release on April 26th.