Uncharted 4 Gets 2016’s Best Game Reviews

The first reviews are in for game developer Naughty Dog’s “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” and the results are gushing. With over seventy reviews counted so far and not a single one of them negative, the PS4-exclusive video game has achieved a stunning Metacritic score of 94/100.

That’s easily the best of the year so far, ahead of “Dark Souls III” (89) and “The Witness” (87). It’s also Naughty Dog’s third highest score to date on the site – behind only “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves” (96) and “The Last of Us” (95), but ahead of “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception” (92) and “Uncharted 1: Drake’s Fortune” (88). Amongst the review highlights:

“Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a true work of art, and the only time the slightest apprehension may surface is when one compares it to the titanic installments that came before.” – EGM

“Jungle-choked ruins rise crookedly from cliff side foundations like a floating Atlantean paradise. Mist-cloaked mountains frame gobsmacking panoramas that might as well be National Geographic-inspired oil paintings. Foregrounds and backgrounds coalesce in visual pageantry that shouldn’t be possible on 2016-era tech. Nothing you’ve played – on any platform, including PC – approaches what Uncharted 4 looks like.” – TIME

“A fitting end for one of PlayStation’s most famous franchises, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End sits alongside The Last of Us at the apex of cinematic action experiences. Naughty Dog’s ability to tell engaging tales is unmatched, with Nate’s final chapter expertly balancing bombast against genuinely relatable themes. It won’t redefine the genre quite like Uncharted 2, but the developer’s boundless ambition means that this is a bigger, better, and more beautiful adventure than ever before.” – PushSquare

“Uncharted 4 delivers the fan service series loyalists will absolutely eat up. For the rest of us, Naughty Dog treats the player to an adventure that spares no expense…If this is indeed the last Uncharted game, it’s a supremely satisfying celebration of the series and an absolute must-play on PlayStation 4.” – CNet

“It is, without a doubt, Naughty Dog’s finest moment and an experience that surpasses all the Uncharted games that preceded it.” – GameOver

“With our video game reviews we reserve a five-star rating for games that we think everyone should experience, that are so interesting or impressive in certain areas that they transcend any flaws, limitations or genre concerns. Uncharted 4 is certainly in that category.” – Guardian

“A remarkable achievement in blockbuster storytelling and graphical beauty. Though it’s let down by a lack of imagination and some self-indulgence, especially in a third act that drags on far too long, Uncharted 4 carries on the series’ proud tradition of peerless polish and style. Most importantly, it’s a gentle sendoff to the rag-tag group of characters we’ve known for nine years. A worthy thief’s end, indeed.” – IGN

The game will be available on PS4 from May 10th.