Unbreakable 2 Broken Up For “Night”

M. Night Shyamalan has revealed that the third film in his “Night Chronicles” horror anthology film series will cannibalise elements from the early script work he did for an “Unbreakable” sequel reports MTV News.

Out doing promotion for “Devil”, Shyamalan says “I cannibalized the idea for the sequel to Unbreakable for one of the ‘Night Chronicles’. It was such a cool idea for a villain, and it was actually originally in the script for Unbreakable, and it was too much. There were too many villains, so I pulled this villain out and was like, ‘I’ll make this the second flick.’ I fleshed it out more and more, and thought, ‘This could be a standalone movie!’ I’ll just say it: the third ‘Night Chronicles’ movie is what would have been the sequel to Unbreakable.”

The project currently doesn’t have a title. The first film in the series, “Devil”, opens September 17th. The second, “Twelve Strangers”, opens sometime next year.