Uma Thurman Caught In “Night and Fog”

Uma Thurman will play WW2 intelligence officer Vera Atkins in John Hay’s upcoming drama “Night and Fog” based on Sarah Helm’s non-fiction novel “A Life in Secrets”.

Atkins was an intelligence officer for Special Operation Executive’s French Section who trained and dispatched agents to Occupied France. After the conflict, she makes it her mission to discover the fate of those who went missing during her tenure.

The film will focus on another famous element of her story, specifically her involvement in the interrogation of Rudolf Hoess, the notorious Auschwitz concentration camp commandant

Atkins has been cited as the inspiration for the character of Miss Moneypenny in Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels. Jeremy Bolt and Elliot Jenkins are producing ‘Fog’ and filming begins in Northern Ireland in 2015.

Source: Screen