Ultron Props Revealed, “Daredevil” Dated?

Marvel’s final panel at Comic Con, which was devoted to the 75th anniversary of Marvel comics and the 50th anniversary of “Daredevil,” yielded one last bit of crucial information.

Talk on the panel, which included Marvel CCO Joe Quesada, tackled the currently in production “Daredevil” TV series and it was revealed that the show reportedly seems to be targeting a May 2015 release on Netflix.

Marvel also had some final surprises in store on the floor of the convention – two more key props from next year’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. The first is apparently the earliest physical form of Ultron which the villain builds for himself. The second is a version of Captain America’s shield after it has been cracked – likely by Ultron himself.

Sources: BamSmackPow