Ultron Halts Production Due To Flooding

While filming in South Africa on “Avengers: Age of Ultron” has been taking place this past week, the production’s home base in the United Kingdom where much of the filming is to take place has hit a snag.

Production on the film in Surrey has been put on hold due to recent flooding. Cast members were scheduled for camera tests and costume fittings at Shepperton Studios, but those meetings have been cancelled due to severe weather conditions.

Shepperton in particular has been suffering for much of the month from floods that have left parts of the U.K. underwater. It isn’t known if the weather will affect the start of shooting in the United Kingdom or not, since it hasn’t been revealed exactly when filming actually begins there.

In other ‘Avengers’ news, one person keen to remain in the Marvel fold is Anthony Mackie who makes his debut as ‘The Falcon’ in the upcoming “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. The actor tells Total Film that he’s been pressing the studio for at least a cameo in ‘Ultron’:

“I call all of them at Marvel every Monday. I’m like, ‘So have y’all decided if I’m in Avengers 2 yet? I’ll get on the bus to Albuquerque tomorrow!’ I wanted to be a superhero from the first day that I started in this business, and to have the opportunity to be a superhero is kind of remarkable. If I get the opportunity to be in The Avengers 2, 3, 7 and 18, there’s no way I would complain or balk at any part of that.”

Source: Hollywood.com